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Client Testimonials

– Tammy

★★★★★ Amazing Support And Attention To Detail! “Handling estate issues can be a daunting task when a relative passes away. In my case, I lived many states away and didn’t have any experience with these kinds of issues. I also had a new baby which left me with little time and feeling overwhelmed. Rose Chauncey went above and beyond to not only walk me through the process, but to also handle every little detail. She even went above and beyond by doing some of the legwork to fulfill some of the estate needs in town since I couldn’t travel. She

– A Satisfied Client

★★★★★ Would Recommend Him! “I was a first offender in a felony drug case. I called around looking for lawyers and Mr. Chauncey seemed to be the most knowledgeable, professional and affordable. I was from out of state and Mr. Chauncey handled everything for me, while keeping me informed. He told me exactly what I needed to obtain in order to make myself look good for the judge (i.e. clean drug test, letters of recommendations, college transcripts, etc.). My case was finalized when Mr. Chauncey made a plea bargain with the DA. I ended up with no conviction and some

– Daniel

★★★★★ Thank You Very Much For All Your Help And Making The Process So Painless “My teenage son made a bad decision last Fall in October 2017 while attending a music festival. His mistake was very serious and I did not know where to begin to get legal support. One phone call to the Chauncey Law Firm and I was no longer lost on how to help my son get out of the mess he got himself into. Every penny I spent was well worth it for the final outcome in the matter and I could not have done it

– Amy

★★★★★ Dependable “We hired Tony for bankruptcy. He was considerate, answered my multitude of questions and readily available. He explained things in layman terms and was very honest. Highly recommended.”

– Ann

★★★★★ Very Knowledgeable “Being elderly and recently widowed, with debts piling up Mr. Chauncey was able to help me keep our family farm and structure my debt into a manageable payment plan using a Chapter 12 restructuring. He let me know how things would go every step of the way, helping allay my fears that I would lose everything I own.”

– Don

★★★★★ Very Professional “Bankruptcy is not something I think anyone is comfortable with. Attorney Chauncey was very professional, understanding and most of all treated us with respect. Attorney Chauncey and his staff are always available to answer any questions. They are dedicated and knowledgeable in seeing you through to the end. We appreciate all the help he has given us.”