Family Law

The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A., family law attorney in Florida, with offices located in Live Oak, Lake City and Jacksonville, Florida, provides legal services to individuals involving complex and sophisticated marital and family matters with the upmost level of professionalism, compassion, attention to detail, and individualized representation. We understand the emotional, as well as financial impact a family law matter has on a client, as well as their family. We understand an amicable resolution is preferable to one that is imposed by the court. However, should settlement be impossible, our attorneys will zealously advocate on behalf of the client and litigate the case to its conclusion. We handle complex property division issues, parental relocation issues, and sharp conflicts between divorcing parents including, but not limited to, alimony and parenting plans (child custody and home sharing arrangement), high net worth, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, paternity, mediation and other areas of family law. If you have a family law issue contact us to find out whether we can help your situation.
We have also prepared a list of frequently asked questions regarding family law to further assist you.

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