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Client Testimonials

A Satisfied Client

★★★★★ Helped Me Clean My Name And Record! “I got in a bit of trouble at a Music festival over some drugs. I have never been in trouble with the Law before and Mr. Chauncey helped me the whole way through. I never had to step foot in a courtroom or do any community service. He got me a pre-trial diversion and helped me clean my name and record. So once again I’d like to take Mr. Chauncey and his law firm it turned a horrible experience into a manageable experience in my life.”


★★★★★ Highly Recommend Him! “Tony guided me through my bankruptcy in an extremely capable and professional manner. He was always immediately available to answer my many questions and concerns, and was always sensitive to the difficulty that one experiences in making this kind of decision. I highly recommend him to anyone who desires excellent counsel and follow through.”


★★★★★ Excellent, Personal, Helpful At All Stages “Tony is a fantastic lawyer. At every step of the legal process, Tony was there for me. He stayed on top of everything and helped me through a very difficult time in my life. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the law, and at every step provided solutions that helped. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate all that he did for me.”


★★★★★ So Thankful! “Mr. Chauncey is kind and most professional. I went to him (and have also been represented by his amazing wife separately) with absolutely no knowledge of what to do after my mom passed away and he literally sat down with pen and paper and LISTENED. He was so so very helpful and his experience and knowledge is something to be praised. I left his office with confidence and a sense of ease (after so much stress and worry for months). He is the only bankruptcy attorney I would ever recommend. And I’m from outside his county. Well


★★★★★ Knowledgeable “After going through some pretty rough patches, being threatened with a civil suit my husband being injured and out of work for 6 months. I contacted Tony after an in depth conversation I decided filing chapter 13 bankruptcy was my best option. I was a little scared of filling but those fears were quickly put to rest. Tony and his staff took care of everything, and continue to take care of problems or questions as they arise.”

A Satisfied Client

★★★★★ Excellent work   “Tony successfully diverted felony charges against me within a 6-month time frame.”