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How did this happen? If the timing was different, if I had just left before that last drink, if I had stopped to take a breath before acting, maybe I wouldn’t be here right now. Maybe you’re having these thoughts at a bail bond office or maybe from a jail facility, but the fact of the matter is, it’s too late to change the past. However, the future—your future—can most certainly be changed. When you’re charged with a crime or arrested, there are undoubtedly a thousand thoughts flying through your mind in an adrenaline-fueled state of anxiety. Let’s face it, this is going to be one of the toughest times of your life. The criminal justice system can be a cold, harsh, and scary place to inhabit, thus most people try to avoid it at all cost. But you can impact your future, and the time to begin is immediately after you are charged or arrested. The clock starts the minute you are charged, and you need a criminal defense attorney on your team right now. In that moment your first priority should be to contact a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney such as The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A., a top criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, FL.

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If you imagine a court case as the tip of the iceberg, consider that a strong criminal defense, much like an iceberg, extends deep below the surface. There is a tremendous amount of work required in order to build a solid criminal defense, and when you hire us we will begin immediately. Your court case is something we will be incredibly prepared for, but we will be working from day one to avoid court by negotiating with the prosecution to decrease your charges to lesser offenses or presenting them with vital information and evidence early on, that may get your case dismissed.
Many times police procedure alone is in violation of your rights, and we will dig deep to find any improper procedures committed by arresting officers or anyone who touched your case in any way, in an effort to get your case thrown out by the judge, before it even goes to trial. Simultaneously we will be building your defense for trial. As your criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, FL, we will bring in expert witnesses to testify in support of your defense. We will hire the state’s top investigators (many of whom we work with regularly) to dig for evidence that could exonerate you. We’ll interview police and reinterview them, looking for holes or inconsistencies in their stories and accounts of the events that led to their suspicion of you and eventual arrest or charging. We’ll leave no stone unturned and will work tirelessly to get you a favorable outcome regardless of your charge or the amount of evidence prosecution has against you. We know the law. We know the system. And we know the tricks of the trade that prosecution will use to try and convict you, therefore we will always work to stay three steps ahead of prosecutors, so there are no surprises in our efforts to have your case either dismissed or acquitted. While not every case will end with a dismissal or acquittal, your chances of receiving either without an excellent criminal defense attorney fighting for you are slim to none. Don’t risk your freedom, your finances, your family, or your future; call The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A., your criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, FL.

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